Mervyn and David
Critical care consultants a UCLH, who trialled breathing devices at UCLH

Mervyn Singer and David Brealey, UCLH critical care consultants, worked with a Formula 1 engineering team to help Coronavirus patients around the world. The development of the first UCL-Ventura breathing aid, a low-flow continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, took just 100 hours from first meeting to prototype device.

Professor Singer said: “Everyone involved worked round the clock to make sure we could get the device manufactured as soon as possible as we knew how many lives it could save.”


So far, the device has been used in 60 UK hospitals. Design and manufacturing instructions were also made freely available online, and have been downloaded by more than 1,800 teams from 105 countries.


This is a real-life case study based on the experiences of consultants at UCLH

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